gard-pellets-picThese pellets are an excellent soil amendment, especially in situations where soils are naturally  low in organic content, such as sand or clay based.  In the trials we have conducted, we have used the pellets as a mulch product in blueberries and grapes, and  also as a direct soil additive for fall planted crops such as garlic and shallots.  As the garden pellet video shows, they are easy on a rototiller and very easy to sow or spread.  We’ll post photos of the fall planted crops as they come up and mature this spring/early summer.  If you are gardening in low organic content soils such as red clay or sand, try banding straw pellets in-furrow prior to planting, or as a broadcast.  After a day or two absorbing moisture in the soil, you will notice a distinct difference.  The pellets expand and help to provide valuable growing room for hungry plant roots.

View our video to see how home garden straw pellets are used as mulch!