White River Ag is a DeKalb, Croplan, Northrup King, and Mycogen seed dealer.  Seed for soybeans, corn, and sunflower are all available as well as small grains such as wheat and oats.

Corn Seed

Starting in March, seed corn will be available for sale on a walk-in basis at our retail store in Mason.  We will be stocking a new 73 day hybrid that performed very well in trials last season, as well as 79, 80, 82, and 89 day corn.  With the exception of hybrids that are new this season, everything we sell has been grown on our farm and evaluated for performance here in our colder than average growing season.  These hybrids have excellent cold soil tolerance and have shown that they can take  a real beating and still perform.  Weather here has been nothing less than a complete challenge, with Mother Nature throwing everything at us including the kitchen sink.  We will be happy to make some suggestions for hybrids for you to try.

Soybean Seed

We’re constantly trying new hybrids, evaluating planting inputs and seed spacings, and keeping up with all the latest research (which there is a lot of).  Soybean seed will also be available in March at our retail store.  Stop by for a copy of the latest planting charts and hybrid selections.

If you would like to know more about our seeds or seed brands please give us a call!