White River Ag welcomes Big Tine

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White River Ag is proud to announce the addition of the Big Tine product line to it’s retail store offerings.  What does it do?  The name speaks for itself!  Offered in 40 lb bags, 10 lb bags, and blocks, Big Tine is made utilizing research from the Whitetail Institute and can be fed year round.  Farm manager Jeff Miller said, This is definitely one of the most compelling products on the market in this category.  They spent a lot of time doing  research  to create a product that provides the animals  the minerals they need for antler growth.  Big Tine products are available now at White River Ag’s retail store.  Stop by for more information on this exciting product line, or check out the product website at

Early Research Indicates Bedding Pellets Help To Improve Animal Lung Health

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dairy-calf-241x300Research conducted on a dairy farm in Central Wisconsin during 2013 using White River Ag’s straw pellets as bedding for dairy calves has shown some very promising and exciting results.  Traditional wood based bedding products sometimes can irritate the respiratory tract of young animals, causing infection and subsequent reduced milking potential when the animal enters the milking herd. Calves raised with the straw pellets were released to the milking herd an average of three months earlier than calves raised using wood based bedding materials.  This has resulted in an average savings of $750 per animal, due to improved overall health as a result of decreased incidences of lung infections and subsequent illness.  The  straw pellets appear to be extremely animal friendly, and provide additional benefits beyond healthier lungs.  The pellets by their nature move waste liquid away from the animal so it will not sit directly on it, and farmers have commented that as they break down, the resulting bed retains heat more readily.  Additionally, waste bedding is an excellent soil amendment, ready to be spread as soon as weather allows.  The fibers in the pellet contain only shredded straw, which will give an instant boost to the organic content of any soil.

Duluth Deer Classic A Success For White River Ag Products

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duluth-classic-wrap-2013White River Ag Products had a booth at the recent Northland Deer Classic in Duluth MN.  At the booth,  outdoor enthusiasts could grab food plotting literature, a free pen, and even buy some SEE MORE DEER  food plot blends by WRAP.

The 5 day event starting on Feb 17 was busy and well over 20,000 people came through to check out the latest hunting and fishing products.  Our goal was to sell some seeds and let people know we exist here in the Northland, that our farm isn’t too far from home.  Over all,  I think it was a huge success and we plan to see a lot of post show traffic to our website and retail store at the farm stated Bryan Custer, marketing director for WRAP.

Because of the incredible attendance, WRAP staff nearly lost their voices from talking so much.  There’s still a ton a snow on the ground here in the Northland so folks know they have time to think about and research products, said Peter Mikhael, media specialist and product development for SEE MORE DEER.  Come April, all those wonderful conversations we had at the show are going to translate to a lot of calls and visitors to our retail store in Mason.

Educating folks on food plot seed was just part of the fun.  White River Ag Products was able to meet some fantastic vendors from around the area, country, and even overseas. Additionally, the local newscasters from Channel 6 and 3 were in a booth across from us.  Most interesting of all may have been meeting Pennie and Bert How of Peel Forest Safaris out of New Zealand.  Yes, New Zealand.  They flew all the way to Duluth, the first of two shows they’re doing in North America, to book hunts for those who have always wanted to go after Red Stag, Tar, Chamois, and more down under.

nz-red-stagIf their hunting is as wonderful as their personalities, and I’d bet it is, you’d have a fantastic adventure down in New Zealand with Bert and Pennie.  I’m really glad we were able to connect with them here in Duluth, said Bryan.  If the 5 day event was any indication, you’ll always have a good conversation.  Bert’s passion for hunting was plain to see for all who met him.

Anyone interested in a New Zealand hunting or sightseeing adventure should definitely check them out.  Just visit their website for more details  

So with one successful show down for 2013, White River Ag Products looks forward to the next.  As always be sure to stop by the WRAP retail store or give us a call 715-765-4591. 

Better Air Quality And Better Performance With Straw Bedding Pellets

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Studies have shown that pelletized straw bedding pellets provide better air quality in barns and stables, especially those with poor ventilation.  Better air quality leads to healthier animals while just the opposite can lead to various respiratory disorders.

Whether you train horses, raise dairy cows, or anything in between, dust and other micro allergens in the air can be a bad thing for your animals.  At best, dust in the air is an irritant and at worst carries allergens that cause disease.  Allergens like mold spores, mites, and pollen can induce disease in the respiratory tract that affect the whole body and its performance.

Another irritant to your animals is ammonia, the very source of which is the urine and feces they create. Ammonia is released by the action of bacteria that degrade organic matter and can inhibit the ability of defense mechanisms in the airways to remove particles from the lung.  The more absorbent a bedding is, the lower the levels of ammonia are likely to be in the air.

The bottom line is the better the air quality, the better the performance of the animals you take care of.  A healthy horse is a happy horse, and happy horse is a strong horse.  With dairy cows, the healthy development of a calf’s  lungs will help it to  reach its highest milk production potential as an adult.

At White River Ag Products, we’re proud of our straw bedding pellets and the positive data we receive as we continue to test them.  For more detail about the importance of air quality there are several good articles around the web.  Also,  you can view a couple of our favorites in full by clicking the links that follow.

Breath of Fresh Air

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Plus, learn more about our straw bedding pellets by visiting the products page on our website.  Feel free to contact us with any questions about our pellets!