Better Air Quality And Better Performance With Straw Bedding Pellets

By September 5, 2016Blog

Studies have shown that pelletized straw bedding pellets provide better air quality in barns and stables, especially those with poor ventilation.  Better air quality leads to healthier animals while just the opposite can lead to various respiratory disorders.

Whether you train horses, raise dairy cows, or anything in between, dust and other micro allergens in the air can be a bad thing for your animals.  At best, dust in the air is an irritant and at worst carries allergens that cause disease.  Allergens like mold spores, mites, and pollen can induce disease in the respiratory tract that affect the whole body and its performance.

Another irritant to your animals is ammonia, the very source of which is the urine and feces they create. Ammonia is released by the action of bacteria that degrade organic matter and can inhibit the ability of defense mechanisms in the airways to remove particles from the lung.  The more absorbent a bedding is, the lower the levels of ammonia are likely to be in the air.

The bottom line is the better the air quality, the better the performance of the animals you take care of.  A healthy horse is a happy horse, and happy horse is a strong horse.  With dairy cows, the healthy development of a calf’s  lungs will help it to  reach its highest milk production potential as an adult.

At White River Ag Products, we’re proud of our straw bedding pellets and the positive data we receive as we continue to test them.  For more detail about the importance of air quality there are several good articles around the web.  Also,  you can view a couple of our favorites in full by clicking the links that follow.

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